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Business Segements

Techno cell is a non-extruding, non-absorbent, UV resistant, semi-rigid highly resilient, bitumen free, closed cell polyethylene joint filler for expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and block work.

Non-absorbent and non-tainting. Hence makes it suitable for use in both water excluding and water retaining structures. Highly resilient - the heat welded laminated structure combines greater rigidity and load support, therefore low load transfer. Bitumen - free and rot-proof. Ideal for structures designed to store potable water.



Expansion joints in all types of concrete works, Base slabs, Deck slabs, Subway structures, water retaining structures, culverts, bridge work masonary, potable water tanks etc.


Semi-rigid closed cell heat
laminated polyethylene sheet


Greyish Black/White*


40, 60,100 Kgs/m3

Water absorption:

Less than 1%


Greater than 98% after
50% compression **


Nil, Sample compressed to
50% with three edges** Restrained

Resistant to:

No Disintegration

Bacteriological Attack:


Compression loading:

Meets with the requirements
of BS 5628 Part III

Other densities available
** Results for specific densities, Please refer to us details

Pertinent clauses of BS 4443
BS 5628 Part 3 Use of Masonry Para 20.4

DOT Specification of High way works, 1986 Part 3 Clause 1015 (Bridges).

Pertinent clauses of ASTM D 1751, ASTM D 1752, D 545

Joint sealing slots:  when forming expansion joints with Technocell in in-situ concrete, joint sealing slots can be readily formed in the following manner.

Before installing, simply cut off a strip of the required depth.  Pin the strip back on using two-inch nails at intervals.  Then install the filler flush with the finished surface.

Prior to sealing, the top strip can then be pulled easily from the joint to provide an uncontaminated sealing slot ready for preparation and sealing.  Therefore sealant wastage is reduced.

Aselastomeric sealants will not bond to Technocell; the additional need for bond-breaker strips is eliminated.

Technocell is supplied in sheet form in standard thickness of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 & 50 mm, the size of the sheet being 2.0m x 1.0m.  Other thicknesses and sizes are also available for special orders.


Being a thermoplastic material.  Technocell will melt and is combustible.  Otherwise, there are no health hazards associated with Technocell under normal use.

Weathering Test


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