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Steel Pipe Stainless Steel Pipe & Titanium Tube


Clamp connectors Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valves Universal Ball Joints Compact Flanges Remotely Operated Connectors Closure system


Forged Steel Flanges Welding Neck Slip On Blind Screwed Socket Weld Lap Joint Reducing Orifice Flanges Long Welding Neck Stub Ends Spectacle Blinds Ring Spacers Single Blinds Drip Rings ASME B16.47, BS 3293, B16.36, DIN, AWWA, UNI EN, API, ISO, JIS B2220 Standards CS (A105, A350, A694, A707), SS ( A182), ALLOY FLANGE (A182), DUPLEX SUPER DUPLEX (A182), Ni, CuNi Alloy, INCONEL & INCOLOY grades, Age-Hardening Alloy (A859)


Hot Rolled Steels Cold Rolled Steels Steels for Enamelling Steels for Electrical Applications Metallic Coated Steels Organic Coated Steels Quatro Plates


Flanges Fittings Insulated Pipes Pipes


Steel Plates Steel Sheets Bar & Rod Material (SteeLinC) Structural Steel Pipes & Tubes Railway, Automotive, machinery Parts Titanium Stainless Steel Slag (3).png

ANSI Flanges Threaded FLange        Socket Weld Flange Blind Flange Lap Joint Flange Slip On Flange Welding Neck Flange Flanges DIN and EN Welding Neck Flange Blind Flange Lap Joint Flange Threaded Flange Slip On Flange Elbows 45°, 90°, 180° Fittings Concentric Reducer Excentric reducer Tee Cap Flare (1).png

Boiler Control Systems and Tools Condensate and Heat Recovery Systems Control Systems Flow Meter Heat Transfer Solution Moisturizing Steam traps Compressed Air Pipeline Accessories Isolation Valves


uPVC pipes Fittings CPVC pipes fittings SWR Pipes & fittings PVC Casing pipes Columns Riser pipes Grey Agricultural pipes


Hot Rolled Steels Steel Plate Cold Rolled Steel Reinforcing bar Section Special steel STS Roll Steel Pipe Automotive Parts

1 Bends MF90 2 bends F90 3 bend M90 40 Bends MF45 41 Bends F45 90 Elbow 90 90R Red Elbows 92 Street Elbows90 120 Elbows45 121 Street Elbows45 130 Tees 130R Bull Head Tees 130R Red Tees 134 Street Tees 165 Y branch45 180 cross 221 side outlet elbows


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